Royal St. Kitts - Hotel Partner in St. Kitts

We can all agree that a pool, especially in a "summer hotel", is somewhat of an obvious amenity - you'll be surprised if you don't find one, not the other way around. They're great, don't get us wrong, but hardly a surprise.
But when we find a private lagoon... well, that's a whole new ball game!


There it is, in the back (yes, there's also a pool), composing the Royal St. Kitts Hotel picture, our most recent hotel partner.
In the business since 1983, the Royal St. Kitts is nowadays a family-run business, newly renovated and strategically built on 18 acres of lush land situated around breathtaking mountain views and the aforementioned private lagoon.


Only being a 10-minute drive from St. Kitts capital city, Basseterre, the premises are located in the beautiful tourist region of Frigate Bay, which is home to several excellent restaurants, an 18-hole championship golf course (we will turn into pros by the time we get home), extraordinary landscape, and luxurious beaches on both the Atlantic and Caribbean Seas.

It's going to be EPIC!