Boutique El Poblado Neiva - Hotel Partner in Colombia

"A perfect combination of nature, comfort and charm."
This is how our most recent Hotel Partner presents itself, a place where with great pleasure we will spend the night from May 10 to 11: Boutique El Poblado Neiva.


El Boutique Poblado Hotel is located in Neiva Huila, where we will visit the Tatacoa desert, the San Agustín park and its monuments or the snow of Huila.
A few meters from the Magdalena river pier, the hotel has a restaurant specialized in Mediterranean food, and a terrace with a pool to enjoy the hot weather of the city of Neiva.


We are delighted to visit the beautiful city of Neiva and spend the night in the Boutique Poblado, and it is a joy to perceive that the hotel management shares that same enthusiasm.
That is why we wish thank the hotel management for the kindness of picking us up at the airport, include complementary meals and even summoning the press to meet us! Thank you very much.

It's going to be EPIC!