Narsarsuaq - Hotel Partner in Greenland

Erik the Red and his son Leif the Lucky discovered this place well over 1,000 years ago. They settled on the opposite side of the fjord in the village of Qassiarsuk in 875. Today one can explore the ruins of their settlements as well as reconstructed buildings of a church and a house.

A better introduction to Narsarsuaq Hotel would be difficult. Our most recent Hotel Partner is indeed a truly piece of living history; and we'll be living it the next May 30.


Narsarsuaq has a past as an American air force base. Thousands of American aircraft landed here in Narsarsuaq prior to their campaigns over Europe’s battlefields during World War II. Evidence of this is seen in several places. Buildings, the runway and the roads around the village are built by the Americans, and a little outside the village one can find the ruins of a hospital that had more than 1,000 beds during the Korean War. Narsarsuaq Museum, just a few minutes’ walk from Hotel Narsarsuaq, tells the sad story.


But if the past of Narsarsuaq is so rich in life lessons, the present also has a lot to offer.
Close to the premises, in a surrounding area ideal for outdoor activities (hiking, fishing, mountain biking, kayak rides) one can experience a unique forest where there are experiments with arctic cultivation of over a hundred different plants covering approximatelly 15 hectares. Truly amazing!

It's going to be EPIC!