Chokhi Dhani - Hotel Partner in India

Chokhi Dhani is not just a hotel; its above all a concept that mixes the Rajasthani tribes and the rest of the world.
One can enjoy the real rajasthan culture in the villages, the paintings, the Bani Thani art, the wall decorations, the cow dung plaster, the pure food, the fresh air, the evening performances, the enthusiasm, the 'manuhar' (mouthful catering), the traditions, the costumes and at last but not least the feelings.


So, as you guessed, you've already been introduced to our most recent hotel partner. Chokhi Dhani, awarded India's Most Innovative Tourism Project by the Ministry of Tourism and winner of Small and Medium Enterprises Award for the Best Travel and Tourism Business for its ventures in Rajasthani Culture and contribution for the tourism.
What a great honor to stay, even for one day (June 20), at these magical premises.


As the above image shows, the Chokhi Dhani is richly and tastefully adorned with ethnic d├ęcor, offering all comforts plus that unique ambience that made the hotel famous way beyond the city of Indore. We are sure to make our part in taking this fame around the world.

It's going to be EPIC!