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EPIC podcast - week9

If you have been following us with some degree of attention you probably have already heard the nickname "sledge dog" attributed to one of our crew members. But where did it come from? you may have wondered. Well, it all started in Greenland, where we met those beautiful creatures and, as Mischa puts it sometime during this episode 9 of our EPIC Podcast, "they stink so bad"!
Could this be the reason for the nickname??

That's something we can find out during our new episode - named The Hop to Greenland. That and much more, obviously, as we remember the day we had, for the first time in our journey, to turn around and go back to the starting point due to bad weather. All we were seeing for hours straight was snow and ice and clouds, but finally, like castaways at drift for weeks, we celebrated the sight of dry land like never before!

So here it is, to be seen and heard...

... or just to be heard, in case you're tired of our faces:

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Enjoy and leave us a comment on Youtube letting us know what you'd like to hear about in future episodes.

See you next PodDay,
Ruben & Mischa