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EPIC podcast - week8

This one we will have to admit it: yes, what we're saying is nice and all, but today your eyes will feast way more than your ears. Our EPIC Podcast episode 8 is coming to you from inside an Ice Cave you have to see to believe. What a magical place. So, since we are in a Bristish Columbia natural underground chamber, it just makes even more sense to name this episode Northern Canada Polar Bears.

Yes, we've seen them on our way from Cuba to Greenland. Majestic creatures. But the big furry whites were not the only ones who caught our attention from the sky. Those days going north, the thermometer going down faster each day, we were flying left and right to avoid incoming storms, to outrun blizzards... and for some moments it all faded away and it was all good as we saw polar bears running around, and then some sharks, and then stingrays and even... the Statue of Liberty as we went by Manhattan!

It seems like a made-up tale but we have it all on camera and, better yet, quite vivid inside our minds.

So here it is, to be seen and heard...

... or just to be heard, in case you're tired of our faces:

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Enjoy and leave us a comment on Youtube letting us know what you'd like to hear about in future episodes.

See you next PodDay,
Ruben & Mischa