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EPIC podcast - week6

Here we are, sitting by the fire at the beautiful but freezing Whistler, remembering the cozy and colourful South America.
Oh, how we miss your warm sun and, most of all, wearing shorts!

So here it is, episode 6 of our EPIC Podcast. This time we will go down our memory lane all the way to El Salvador, where we met unforgettable people whose commitment to us was unbelievable. And that's why we will call this one the Friends in El Salvador episode.

But, let us tell you, we now know they were friends... but back then, we were surprised by a shady message saying "we are in the hotel room next to yours". Imagine arriving a foreign country and out of the blue receiving such a... what? greeting? warning? threat?? Of course it all had a perfectly logic explanation and we had a great time with these and other friends we made during our stay in El Salvador.

Maybe we will get to meet them again in the next EPIC Tour, in which we will fly from Whistler to... press play to find out!

So here it is, to be seen and heard...

... or just to be heard, in case you're tired of our faces:

Listen to "EPIC - Round-the-World Helicopter Tour #6 - Friends in El Salvador" on Spreaker.

Enjoy and leave us a comment on Youtube letting us know what you'd like to hear about in future episodes.

See you next PodDay,
Ruben & Mischa