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EPIC podcast - week5

Welcome to episode 5 of our EPIC Podcast, the one that shall be named Wire Encounter.

The name has an easy explanation: after the scary close encounter the day before, again we were faced with a near-death experience. This time the culprit was a sudden cable line.
If it doesn't seem as dramatic as a mid-air helicopter collision, simply understand that wires are the number 1 helicopter killers. And we were a split second away to hit one head-on. Took us a week to fade that image away from our memory...

But, don't get us wrong, the good and happy times by far exceeded the scary ones. We're recalling lots of them in this Mexican podcast episode, but we can't resist introducing a very funny one right now (well, not so funny to Diogo, perhaps).
Without spoiling the fun, we'll just say that Diogo's bowel movements didn't care about our prohibition to land in a remote mexican beach without permission.
When a helicopter's gotta go, a helicopter's gotta go!

So here it is, to be seen and heard...

... or just to be heard, in case you're tired of our faces:

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Please enjoy and comment. Also let us know what you'd like to hear about in future episodes.

See you next PodDay,
Ruben & Mischa