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EPIC podcast - week4

You were expecting a weeks-long-waiting-time until this one, weren't you?
Well, surprise, surprise! Here's episode number 4 of our EPIC Podcast!

This one takes us back inside the helicopter. Not literally, we're having this conversation by the fire with our hands in our warming pockets. What we mean is that we are from now on bringing back memories of real situations we had to deal with while up there.

The first one we are sharing will be a real surprise even for the most loyal of our followers, as we didn't ever mentioned it publicly before or shown any footage of it. This will be the first time. Why is that? Because we didn't exactly knew how to deal with it when it happened.

To tell it quite simply, what happened was that we were almost hit in the air by another helicopter.

It was so real, so stressful, so meaningful, that despite being able to just barely avoid that hit, we still got hit in a different way: we understood there and then, just a few days off, that no matter how much planning we had behind us, anything could happen in a split of a second.

So here it is, to be seen and heard...

... or just to be heard, in case you're tired of our faces:

Listen to "EPIC PODCAST EPISODE 4 NEAR MISS" on Spreaker.

Please enjoy and comment. Also let us know what you'd like to hear about in future episodes.

See you next PodDay,
Ruben & Mischa