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Detailed Vlog - day66


And to begin with, there are two things we can say without a doubt:

  1. The planet isn't flat!
  2. The best place to fly a helicopter is... British Columbia!

But now that we've made it, please bear a Oscar winning kind of speech:

So we want to thank all of you following from day one. Please know that your comments and feedback were all very important and gave us strength to keep going. It was very important to feel we were not doing this just for ourselves.

And also the people who actually came to meet us in person, sometimes after hours of driving. You're amazing and made us feel very special.

And all our conferences' attendees. We deeply appreciate your presence and curiosity, it really made it worthwhile. We hope we could inspire you a little bit.

And of course everybody who helped us at the airports and hotels, always so kind.
Well, almost all of them... :)

End of speech.

Ah right, we almost forgot... we've established 2 new world records!!!!

Fastest Antipode RTW on a Helicopter - 97 days
Longest RTW on a Helicopter - 60.165 kms


Thank you all, enjoy the last day vlog and know this:
EPIC has just started. Stay tuned to be challenged.