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Detailed Vlog - day65

We are so close to getting back home. If everything goes according to our plans in the final leg, the EPIC journey will take 97 days and go through more than 60 thousand kilometers (37,000 miles). Overall we took longer than planned but still we will be fast enough to break the Fastest Antipode RTW on Heli and also the Longest RTW on Heli World Records! Oh Yeah!!

Of course, three months later, we know better than anyone that bad surprises happen when we least expect them, but still, we are very optimistic. And why is that? Because we are now flying over our own backyard, so we can't help to feel that everything will be smooth.

And we feel this way despite of just going through one of the longest and most challenging days of the entire trip, due to a few moments of severe turbulence and poor visibility.
But we've made it to Juneau just as planned. Mission accomplished.

Next stop: Home.

PS: We saw a couple of moose :)