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Detailed Vlog - day64

What a feeling... we are back in the United States!
Not exactly our home country - we live in Canada, as you know - but it's almost the same thing, it's like getting back to our reality, to familiar ground.

In the rearview mirror we now see Russia. What an experience that was.
The amount of red tape, the constant questioning, the unfriendliness... we've also met some helpful chaps, of course, some were helpful "for a small fee", others were genuinely kind. Overall, it was quite unique.

We're glad we've been there, there were amazing scenarios, we even saw grizzly bears running around in the wild... but man, this crossing was strenuous. Maybe sooner than later we will look back with a nostalgic feeling, but for now, we're happy to get out!

And you know what?? Just one more leg to go! Unbelievable.