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Detailed Vlog - day63

Remember how in the beggining of our journey our bubble was always covered up in bugs?
Well, in this leg throughout Syberia we were faced with a different version of that same annoyance: bugs in the bubble, but this time on the inside!
Alive. Biting and buzzing.

But "How did that happen?" you ask.
Well, because we've spent two hours waiting for fuel in a remote Syberian airport that was swarming in mosquitoes!

And why were we there so long? Because we were in the center of the most intense, bad-vibed moments we had in the entire trip. A tough negotiation, to say the least.
Basically they were saying we needed to pay for the fuel, we were saying we payed in advance (which we did), they didn't care, we didn't have enough rubles to cover it, they we're not accepting dollars, people were phoning each other, the conversation was heating up, and the clock was ticking very fast...

And just minutes before that situation we were guessing the odds of making it to our day's final destination: Ruben guessed 95% of happening, Mischa said 99%.
Good gamblers we are not.