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Detailed Vlog - day62

Welcome to wild Russia, everybody! We had never seen grizzlies on our lifes before and today we saw no less than 11! And it was amazing every time!

Again, the weather was against us. Or shall we say on our favor? Maybe it just doesn't want us to leave and get back home and end this EPIC Tour.
Anyway, we had to cancel our flight plan and ended staying in Evensk. No hotels here, so we slept in a private flat; Mischa got the couch, a few feet away from drying fish hanging in the ceiling. Jokes aside, that was, of course, a very nice gesture to offer us a place to sleep.
One more out of dozens of examples of kindness we've been experiencing throughout this journey. Many thanks, Anthony!

What we also experienced in Evensk was food. No restaurants in the city, so we went shopping and obviously had a struggle figuring out what we were buying. Always a funny moment but we ended with a nice vegetarian meal on our bellies, so mission accomplished.