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Detailed Vlog - day61

We are alive and back in the clouds!
Leaving from Okhotsk to... Magadan, which it was not the place we planned on being at the end of the day. Unfortunately the weather had its own plans, so we didn't make it any farther. We tried, but ended up turning back.

Not even Sergei could solve that for us! Which made us think "Why do we need Sergei if he can't even control the his own country's weather??" So he's gone!
We are kidding of course, he's now a good friend of us and a true EPIC crew member, even if only for a couple of days. Thanks Sergei!

Although turning back is always a downer, there was a silver lining: we stayed in a very cool airport, with all sorts of helicopters and old planes everywhere. We've got to check a few out up close, so it turned out to be a very memorable experience.