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Detailed Vlog - day60

Let's get things straight: remember a few days ago when we said Russian people had no interest whatsoever in what we are doing? Not entirely true anymore.
We are now getting warm vibes from the locals. People wander who are these guys arriving in a helicopter, get some pictures with us, ask for details. It's nicer this way!

But could this sudden change be related with the presence of one of their fellow countryman? Maybe. Because we have Sergei with us, our extraordinaire temporary flight navigator.
You can see him in the backseat, taking care of all communications. Without him we couldn't have landed in the very small city of Okhotsk.

Actually, this city is so small it doesn't even has an hotel.
So we slept in a place you probably will recognize from all teenager horror films, from the part they arrive the place and start recording everything with their shaking phones and then the lights go out but still some strange noise keeps coming out of the one room everyone told them it's strictly forbidden but one of the guys stills opens the door anyway and the... oh well... You know the rest. We'll be OK :)