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Detailed Vlog - day59

And there we go again, the last Russia-to-Russia flight.
In the next one, if all goes well, we will be landing in Alaska.

It was a short flight, from Yazhno-Sakhalinsk to Khabarovsk, an airport where never before a skid helicopter had permission to land - all Russian helicopters have wheels.
So we will be forever part of this airport history!

Seeing a skid helicopter was so strange to them that we had to follow a veeeery slow "follow-me car" through a very specific line, everything very strict, always under observation for the rest of staff. And finally landed us on top of a big metal plate, which was a first for us and a bit strange.

But the best about today is the reason why we went to Khabarovsk.
We went there to pick up a Russian navigator, so that we could fly into two airports that don’t have English speaking ATC (Air Traffic Control). And the person we met was an absolute genius character: this guy, inside a shirt with the american flag, has his own backyard full of classic airplanes that he himself repairs after buying them from all over the planet.
It's amazingly surreal. See it to believe it.