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Detailed Vlog - day58

Russia! Our final new country of the journey (we will then return to the USA first, and to Canada later, where we started).

First impressions?

A tremendous lack of interest about what we are doing here and even to engage in the most simple human interaction. At first it was strange, it was the first time we felt such cold shoulders; airport staff has always shown at least some curiosity about where we came from and where we are going next. But these Russian guys just keep it to themselves, and that's ok, we don't judge :) It's kind of funny, actually.

For now there's not much recording possible. We have some very strict permits, the weather conditions are not playing along and we had the absolute need to make it to Russia today - or else the entire journey could be over.

So we did what we had to do and at the end of the day everything worked out fine.
We still have a very long stretch from one country's end to the other, so lots of Russia yet to see in the coming vlogs!