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Detailed Vlog - day56

Today we hopped from Okinawa to Osaka so, needless to say, we're still in Japan. We've spent most of the flight over the sea and, among other things, we've spotted gigantic corals, passed by lots of huge boats and even seen a pack of dolphins fooling around.
Always great sights, but none of these were new to us. There was one thing, though, we had never seen before while flying over the sea: and that's a perfect cell service. Only in Japan!

We've been over the sea for about 4 hours and neve lost signal. Amazing.
It's so incredibly easy to fly here, everything happens as it is supposed to happen, no surprises.

But at what cost, you may be asking?
Let us reply: 16 dollars. That's the fee we paid.
And now you're asking: "Is that much? Average? Low?" Well, remember when we asked how much they charged us for the same service back in Taiwan? The answer is in the video.
One hint: it's a three figures number.