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Detailed Vlog - day50

Today we flew back to Malaysia, but don't you worry, it's all part of the plan - and it's a different part of Malaysia, we didn't really backtracked.

It would've been a smooth ride today if it wasn't for the hours we lost at the checkpoints. We waited and waited and waited and then waited some more for fuel and/or for clearance. But hey, what would we write here if it wasn't these unexpected situations?? So thank you for giving us material and memories, airports' people!

When we were up there we've seen some strange looking crops (at least they look uncommon for a couple of canadian/portuguese guys). We didn't know what it was but the YouTube comments section is saying they're rice crops, so yeah, we will take your word for it.
Always learning!

And now we will stop for a few days again: we will be needing not only our Philippines permit to come through, but also needing some more favourable winds.