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Detailed Vlog - day43

Wondering why we stopped flying? And how we got back up? And why we stopped again?? And who's that girl in the back??
Find the answers in a vlog that is already being hinted as one of the favorites in the Best Drama/Suspense Vlog 2019 Oscar winners.

What a story, my friends! We will spare you the long reading, as this one is much better to be heard (or this blog post would have been 17 pages long).
What we will say right now is that we are back in the skies!! What a feeling.

Just when we were about to give up on the record attempt and to completely re-route our flight - imagine all the trouble and re-scheduling involved in a decision like that - we've got our clearance!

And what untangled this knot? A friendly handshake in Dubai between Ruben and a bellboy. For real. Watch the vlog to understand the "power of nice".

So now the situation is: we are grounded in Pakistan, now waiting for authorization to hop into India. Baby steps, guys, baby steps...