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Less than 24 hours till liftoff

The big day is fast approaching!

Despite the huge excitement, we could never forget to once again thank all of our travel partners (hopefully there will be more to come); these words allways sound corny, but really, this wouldn't be possible without your help!

And now it's time to look at the wrist watch:

🚁9am Whistler's Time (our starting point)
🌍11am EST
🌍4pm GMT

Almost time!

Don't forget to follow us right here and also on our Facebook, Instagram and Youtube channels. Each one will have some unique content so make sure you won't miss a thing from this once in a lifetime adventure.

We will be delivering daily vlogs live from inside the cockpit, you'll be able to check, on-the-fly, our world map position, elevation and speed, and, last but not least, get a sense of our adventure as we tell it through pictures and words.

It's going to be EPIC!